Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Magical May (Update: Thursday the 30th)

Before I introduce you to what you can look forward to this month from me, a Public Service Announcement is in order!

As some of you may know, Amazon has put erotica under and Adult Filter, which can have an effect on your shopping habits.
When you search Amazon, be sure you are in the Books or Kindle Store categories. You can read more detailed instructions about avoiding the filter here.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to hop up on a soapbox for a moment: 
I don't agree with the practice of filtering content without making a way to unfilter it, and then telling your customers how to moderate the filter to your preferences, it's irresponsible and does them a great disservice. 
If the filtering annoys you, don't forget about the incredible influence you have. You don't have to write to Amazon or swear to never buy anything from them again. Now is a great time to follow or friend your favorite authors, join the Banned Erotic Books page on FB, start your own blog of sexy erotica- make your own group of like-minded people on reddit or facebook or twitter or tumblr or whatever social networking sites you visit and cross-promote your favorite authors and books. Erotica authors haven't survived in this market because of the free advertising as much as because we provide you with what you want- and it's your support and voice that keeps us going.

And now, back to what you can look forward to this month: 

At last, another semester down and only four more to go until I am completely finished and get to focus on writing books full time! But for now, I get three months of freedom! And I have big plans for the rest of May (don't I always?) What can you look forward to this month?

 SHE LIKES TO EXPERIMENT: A Friends with Benefits Side-Story.

Not necessary for the trilogy, just a bonus I thought would be hot to throw in: some lesbian action between Alice and Veronica before they consent to Eric's threesome offer- Mmm.

Now available at:
Barnes & Noble

SHE LIKES TO SHARE:  Friends with Benefits book 3

Veronica and Alice decide its time to return the favor to their sexy friend, Eric, whos' done nothing but give their bodies exactly what they've wanted and couldn't get from other men- a hot FFM threesome, right on the floor of his apartment!

Now available at:
Barnes & Noble

Everyone loves a good bundle! Now you can get the whole series (Except She Likes to Experiment) for a discounted $6.99! 

Now available on 

BOUND AND TAKEN IN HER SLEEP (Rough sex, bondage, sleep erotica)

Isabelle confesses to her boyfriend that she wants him to be a little rougher and more spontaneous in the bedroom. But what she doesn't expect is his rough, bondage-loving alter-ego, Jacob, to tie her up while she's asleep and ravish her body like she's never been before! And what she finds even more shocking: she loves every little bit of it! 

Now Available at: 

An exclusive sneak peek to my next fairy tale: Breaking the Beast...

Another fairy tale on its way!
“I did not train my entire life for my position to be forgotten.”
A sharp slice of leather through the air was his only warning, and it didn’t last nearly long enough for Beast to prepare himself. Beast cried out in shock and pain as his back exploded in pain. The tower held his cry, amplified it to his ears. Beast didn’t care, his back was dripping with blood. Water pooled his eyes, and for the first time in his life, he didn’t care if a woman saw the tears stream down his face.
“When you address me, you will address me by my title. Is that understood?”
“Yes! Yes, Mistress Belladonna.”
 “Now answer my question.”
Beast’s mind was wrapped around the sting that divided his back in half. He’d forgotten what she asked of him. His heart pounded as he racked his brain to remember. “I- I … I’m sorry, Mistress Belladonna, I don’t remember what you asked. Please don’t whip me again.”
He was met with silence. Beast’s neck had cringed, his eyes squeezed with anticipation for her to strike, his breath held in his lungs, waiting. Nothing happened, and he dared relax.
The sharp whip came at him again. Beast screamed, his back now marked with a red, puffy X. He was sure he had blood dripping down his skin.
“You do not give orders. You do not have any requests. You are here for me. For my pleasure. You’re alive only because I want you to be.”
“Yes Mistress Belladonna. I’m sorry, Mistress. So sorry.”
“That wasn’t so hard, was it?”
She walked closer to Beast, he felt her hands against his tender sides. They were cold compared to the heat of his blood from the pain, but he dared not flinch.
“No, Mistress.”
Mistress Belladonna’s hands wrapped around his torso, the dull ache of his muscles just a memory after the lashes. Her long-fingernails scratched up and down his chest. Beast shivered as her tongue, hot and wet, traced a thick line over his neck.
She swirled around in front of him, leaning against his body just enough to return the attention to his arms that were holding the majority of his weight.
“My favorite part…” Her hands slipped down his dirty body. “Is the first time I get to see my new play thing.” 

Stay tuned...