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 My Fuck Buddy's Girlfriend (Bisexual/lesbian Revenge sex erotica)

Amy is all hot and bothered for her next hookup with Lyle, only for him to drop a horrible bomb: he's suddenly in a relationship- with the hottest woman Amy's ever laid eyes on!

Still upset and being left high and dry, Amy conjures up one hot plan to seduce Krystal, using her pleasure as the ultimate revents against him. Will Krystal play along?

Her excitement encouraged me. Our kiss stopped for a brief moment as she leaned back to look at me. The beautiful green emeralds were glazed over, as though she stepped into a dream world. Frantic, she grabbed my face and brought my lips to hers, parting them greedily with her own and pulling my body over hers.
Somewhere in the wrestling we lost our drinks. Krystal had successfully wedged herself beneath me and snaked her legs around mine. She wiggled and writhed against my pubic bone as it pleased her, and I didn’t stop it. Gasps and sighs of her pleasure consumed my ears as I licked up her neck and sucked on her earlobes.
Our breasts pressed together, reddened from heat and passion. The heat from her slick folds mingled with mine between the thin clothing we both wore. My panties, I knew, were already soaked through. At this point, I needed release just as much as I needed revenge- and from how hard her nails were digging into my shoulders and back, I figured she did, too.
“How about we find somewhere more private?” I whispered slowly in her ear. I followed it up with a soft lick around the edge.
“Lyle’s room is open,” She sighed back almost instantly.

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Girls' Night (First time Lesbian erotica)

Girl night for Katie and Elaine usually consists of munching, watching sappy movies and gossiping about their boyfriends. But tonight, Katie has a curiosity that she longs to explore, and who else to experiment with than her best friend? Will Elaine be up for the adventure?

“Fuck guys.” She threw her hands in the air and locked eyes with me through the mirror. I felt my whole being freeze, unsure of where she was going to go with this. “I’m sick of them being so bossy and their stupid male PMS and Dan telling me I’m going to go to… Well, you know. I’m sick of it.”
I couldn’t keep my eyes from widening. With hope and fear and all of those other things that come over you when the person you’ve loved your whole life hints at the possibility of getting together.
“What are you saying?” I asked carefully.
Katie spun on her heel and tilted her head at me, as though she was my mother and I was her child trying to pull some immature trick.
“I am saying,” Katie took a step to me, her eyes staring deeply into mine. My pants were halfway down my thighs but I was paralyzed with want and curiosity, unsure about moving them one way or another. “I see how you look at me. And I’m only a bit disheartened that you haven’t seen me look at you the same way.” Her hands cupped my face. A thick cloud of tension hung between us as her face neared mine and her lips lingered for what seemed like forever.

Then finally, she kissed me. It was slow and silken, just like her. Her mouth opened as she threw her leg over mine and gripped my short hair. I wrapped my arms around her slender waist and pressed her closer against me.

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She Likes to Experiment: a Friends with Benefits Side-Story (Lesbian erotica)

It didn't take Alice and Veronica long to discover Eric's secret plan to seduce them into a threesome. But before they dive headfirst into that, they want to make sure they have the chemistry it takes to pull it off!

After a week of flirting, Veronica finally invites Alice over to her apartment to "study." Alice is nervous, though- she loves Veronica's party-girl vibe, but she's never experimented with another woman before! Will Alice give in to Veronica's seduction?

“I wonder if we’ll run into Eric.” She mused aloud as she got off of the hood of her car and fell into step with me.
“It’s quite likely.”
“I suppose so, but I’d like this to be our dirty little secret.”
A pigeon fluttered out of the outside hallway on the other side of Veronica. She flinched. “I have so many dirty little secrets. It’d be nice to have one to share with someone.”
“Oh yeah? Like what?”
Veronica stopped, key halfway into the knob of her home, and grinned at me, “If I told you, they wouldn’t be my dirty little secrets, would they?”
I smiled as the door creaked open and followed her inside. I shut the door behind me and when I turned around, Veronica suddenly slammed against me, pinning me to the other side of the door.
Her lips were stretched in a victorious grin as she pressed her chest against mine, her hips too. I reminded myself to breathe as the fog of tension between us thickened. Veronica’s hands slid up my arms, sending sparks across my back and down my spine as she leaned in towards me.

I lifted my chin as her lips finally touched mine. Their softness was inviting, even as her lips parted and her tongue swept over my bottom lip before she bit down on it. I became grateful for the sturdy door behind me as my muscles suddenly felt weak, her hands slid back down to my wrists, which she also then took liberty of holding against the door. 

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Hogtied by a Cowboy (Gay bondage erotica)

Bradley decides to skip college and go learn the ways of the cowboy through family friend Keith. He's known Keith his whole life, and never stopped admiring him for how hard he has to work just to keep food on the table. convinced his affection is only a one-way fantasy, Bradley decides to keep their relationship platonic.

But when Keith insists on showing Bradley what its like to be hogtied, things get hotter than what Bradley can handle as he finds out what kind of passion Keith has been harbouring from him! Will Bradley get the romance he's been craving, or will calloused cowboy Keith leave him in the dust?

When Keith was finished, he stood up and Bradley caught the potent scent of leather and heat as Keith loomed over him to check the knots. Under his jeans, Bradley’s cock went from half-hard to throbbing as Keith’s hands gripped his elbows and their hips meshed together in a little more than friendly manner.
Bradley shivered as Keith began to explain what he was doing and interrupted him. He couldn’t keep it to himself any more, and he was positive that Keith knew what was really going on.
Keith backed up and Bradley stared deep into the dark brown pools of his eyes, hoping that he wouldn’t have to verbalize what he was certain Keith was feeling, too. But Keith didn’t indicate anything, one way or another, and the fire in Bradley’s core became almost rampant with desperation. Why couldn’t he see?
Bradley looked away. “Nevermind.”
But Keith’s hand came up and held his chin, forcing Bradley to look him in the eye. “If you’ve gotta problem, Bradley, you better speak up now. You might not git another chance.”

It was then that Bradley knew he had to do something. Something dramatic. Keith might send him back home, but Bradley couldn’t stand the torment any longer. He gathered his courage, held his breath, and pushed up on his tip toes, stretching his neck towards him...

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