Sexy Series

If you find yourself more interested in developed characterization and blooming relationships, here is a list of book series you might enjoy. These books can be purchased in the form of a discounted bundle or individually. 

Daddy's Best Friend (Taboo older man x younger woman erotica. Daddy's Little Smut Collection book 1) 

Sandra's had a thing for Chad since she was old enough to understand lust. But Chad happens to be her dad's best friend. Is he going to take her seriously? She hopes so! The driven woman sets up the perfect trap: house to herself, sexy clothes and even gives the surprised Chad some seemingly accidental flashes of her incredible body. Chad's brought his own present for Sandra as well. He's picked up her blunt hints easily enough, and has every intention to deliver.
I swiveled the chair so my back would be to the door, threw one leg up on the desk. The monitor came to life before me, a lewd video of daddy's best friend pounding his thick (and unnaturally long) dick into the young burnette girl. Her wetness glistened as he thrust into her again and again, throwing her head back with rhythmic moans escaping her lips. I let myself become immersed in the scene and rubbed myself down until I had the ravenous need to feel something inside of me.
Behind me, the door opened and I dipped my fingers inside of me and let out a soft moan in time for the door to shut again. I rubbed my sweet spot and melted in the relaxing rush consuming me. 
"Sandra?" His voice came huskily from behind me. Quickly, I spun the chair around, leaving the monitor on (I know he had to have seen it) and brought my fingers to my lips, licking the wetness from them. He stood there, the bulge in his tight jeans only added to my excitement.
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Daddy's Little Slut (Pseudo-Incest, step dad x step daughter erotica, M/f domination erotica. Daddy's Little Smut Collection book 2)

Still  unsatisfied and sexy from her successful seduction of Chad, Sandra gets a naughty idea when her step-dad comes in to see her at work. But before her flirting even begins, Daniel confronts her. Now Sandra has a choice: satisfy her growing desire for mature men and submit to her dominating step-dad or confess to her father that she seduced his best friend. 
"That's much better, isn't it?" He asked, another genuine smile coming to his face. I nodded, consciously aware that all I was wearing was essentially a thin, lacy bra and panties, thigh-highs and stilettos. Daniels rose to his feet, almost half a foot taller than me, and slowly walked closer. 
Without saying a word, he circled around me. Once, twice. I felt his eyes move up and down my exposed flesh, and his body heat warmed me. Daniel stopped in front of me and stared at my beasts for a moment before reaching out and grabbing them over the thin cloth of the bra he gave me. 
His touch sent cold fire through me, and I became aware of the desire starting to pool between my legs. His hands were firm but smooth while he ran his thumbs over my hard nipples and gripped them from the bottom.
"Do you like this, Sandra?" He asked me as he pinched my nipple between his finger and thumb. The blend of pleasure and pain send a twitch up my neck and I nodded. His other hand grabbed my jaw. "Use your words when I ask you questions. And you are to address me as 'daddy'."
I never called Daniel anything but Daniel since he came into my life.
"Yes, daddy." I muttered, "I do like that."
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Daddy's Anal Slut (Menage a trois, Threesome, M/f/M domination, Pseudo-Incest erotica, taboo erotica, Daddy's Little Smut Collection book 3)

The heat continues in this steamy conclusion of Sandra's adventure, when her step-dad brings Chad in from some sweet action!
But this two man, one woman show is new to Sandra. Will she be alright with taking her step-daddy in the back door for the first time?

"Hello, Sandra." Chad closed the distance between us and put his firm hands on my waist, his thumbs rubbing gently over my smooth skin. I could only smile up at him. Chad leaned down and said lowly in my ear, "I still owe you a few orgasms."
"Ten, you said." I corrected with a smirk. "At least."
"Is that so?" He raised his eyebrows at me as his fingers trailed down the front of my lingerie. He pressed my bud lightly with his thumb and it took every ounce of my self control to not thrust my hips for more pressure, to feel more and more of him.
"Hey, Daniel, she's already wet."
My step dad came up behind me, greedily cupped my ass in both hands. When he did so, Chad pressed harder and started massaging my clit. Relaxation crept up my body, I moved one arm behind me and grabbed Daniel's waist and put the other on Chad's shoulder.

Daniel spread my cheeks apart and ran his thumb over my ring. A wave of blush overtook me, he must have sensed it, because he leaned forward and told me, "It's alright, I'll be careful with you. Just relax." My heart started pounding.
Chad moved my panties aside and dipped one finger inside of my slick pussy then quickly removed it. He brought his hand to eye-level with me and let my nectar strand between his fingers. Lustily, he licked it out from between his digits, giving a satisfied mmm.

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My Best Friend's Daddy 1 (M/f taboo romance erotica)

Brittany's always had a thing for Ally's dad. After going through most of her days with certainty that he had little interest in her, besides the friendship she shared with Ally, imagine her surprise when the hunk of her life shows up one day at cheer practice! And Rick's not shy about checking Brittany out, either.
On her way to see him, Brittany's only got in mind a one time naughty hook up.
But what happens when her best friend's dad hints at wanting something more than just today's steamy romp?

"Just because you're lonely doesn't mean you have to be alone." I let my lips turn up in a grin, and lifted my face to his. My other hand slid up his shoulder as he inched closer to me. The closing space between us increased the growing tension.
"Brittany, are you trying to tell me something?" He suddenly moved out in front of me and wedged his hips between my legs. His hands wrapped around my hips and pressed me firmly against his body. I felt the hard bulge of him right on my already wet clit. 
My hands moved of their own accord, snaking into his blonde locks and tightening around the strands. I yanked his head back and slowly ran my lips over the tight, shaven skin on his neck. He pressed me closer, hands traveling up my back, over my shirt.
"No, I'm trying to show you something." I whispered in his ear.
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My Best Friend's Daddy 2 (taboo romantic erotica)

When Brittany left the house this afternoon she only had one destination in mind: to her best friend Ally's house for a girl night.
But when Ally's dad calls, everything changes. Brittany remembers what happened the last time she went over to visit him. Will she resist the sexy list of instructions he gives her and head off for a night of innocent fun, or will she give in to the seductive man who knows how to satisfy her?

“Brittany?” Rick’s voice made me jump, but one I realized it was him I leaned back and laughed awkwardly.
“Oh, god, I’m so sorry.” I muttered. He was near to me now, I knew because I felt him and smelled that leather and musky scent of his in the air.
“It’s alright,” He dismissed my na├»ve awkward fax paus. I could only hold still as stone as he closed in to me. His bare legs brushed against mine, warm and hairy. My heart started fluttering in my chest.
His hands gently went to the back of my head where they laced in the strands, careful not to disrupt the blindfold. The scent of his sex was faint, but still present enough to make me salivate with want. I wet my lips in anticipation.
“Hold still, let me move you.” He insisted. I knew he wasn’t going to hurt me or anything, I had complete trust in him. And when the smooth skin of his cock’s head brushed against my lips I had to lick it.

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My Best Friend's  Daddy 3  (taboo romantic erotica)

When Ally runs off on "girl night" to have some quick fun, Brittany decides to call up her own man for a hook up. Consumed by the risk of getting caught in his daughter's apartment, can Rick give Brittany the attention she craves right there in Ally's living room?
And what of their relationship? Brittany doesn't want to keep hiding her happiness from Ally, but is worried about the backlash. Can Rick soothe her concerns and convince her that the romance between them is real?

Ally flapped her hands around to dry the last bit of paint. “Thanks so much, girly. I owe you BIG for this one.” She leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek before running out the door. Rummaging sounds from the kitchen echoed down the hall to where I was.
“Ally just ran off to meet her latest lover.” I typed back.
“See you later girly!” Ally called, I yelled back. The front door slammed shut, followed by the clicks of the dead bolt. Then the only sound in the room was the enthusiastic cheers from the crowd of Crazy, Stupid Love.
“That’s Ally for you. Would you like me to come and keep you company?”
“That would be awesome.”
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My Best Friend's Daddy 4 (taboo romance erotica)

Tensions run high in this sizzling conclusion of the relationship between Brittany, Rick and his daughter, Ally.
Ally reveals a secret about her latest play thing. Maybe she's not really all that inexperienced with older men as she'd like Brittany to think. Brittany and Rick realize they have to tell Ally about their blooming relationship. When she comes home in a good mood, the couple decides it's now or never. Can their relationship survive, even if Ally doesn't approve?

He walked with me around him, kissing still. His manhood pressed against my slick folds and I grinded against it however the hell I wanted. He groaned and made a shift to the left, forcing my back to the plain white wall. His groin crushed against me as I dug my nails deep into the thick skin of his shoulders and back. I couldn’t feel enough of him, couldn’t get enough of him. I sighed his name as his hands crawled up my shirt and ripped it off. Keeping me against the wall he yanked the cup down to reveal my breast and its hardened nipple. His whole hand enveloped it, pinching and pulling the tip. Hot sparks leaped across my chest as he moved to the other. My hand wrapped around his head and I craved his tongue over my skin. Instead, he pulled me from the wall and carried me back to his room. Walls bumped against my feet, but I paid them no mind. I had my hands on Rick’s strong jaw and kept kissing him. I kissed him deep and hard, until I felt the bulbs of soreness in the core of my muscles and cheeks.
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Gamer Fantasies

Being a college student, Allie should be concerned with grades and her social life. But she can't stop fantasizing about all of the guys in her new click. They call themselves Echo, and they spend their weekends in front of computer monitors, gaming.
The truth is, Allie lusts gamer guys. And after earning their trust enough for them all to confide their sexiest fantasies, she is determined to satisfy them. All of them. From Sam's sensual shower sex to Chase's static electric fantasy, and all of the bondage, srap-on sex and gangbanging in between!


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Ghost in the Attic (Paranormal erotica, ghost breeding erotica, monster erotica. Ghost Spawn book 1)

Certified Paranormal Agent Claire Audire thinks she's just on another mission to put a lost soul to rest. To accomplish this, she's going to have to let the ghost of Williams tie her up and have his way one final time before departing to the afterlife. What Claire doesn't realize is that putting Williams to rest has some mysterious consequences...

I walked, keeping the cold tendrils wrapped around my thighs. If I made a wrong turn, Williams made them uncomfortably hot. I worried he was going to get bold and slip up the leg holes of my shorts, but he never did. Not that I had any idea what I would do if he did, my toes were already curling in my shoes with each step as the ghostly fog ran over my milky skin
He instructed as I stood face to face with a lightless staircase. I hesitated, but my own inhibitions and sense of duty forced me onward. He probably didn’t even know what he was doing to my insides. Now I understood why the victims didn’t say anything about what happened. Ghosts were known for killing, damaging, general bad stuff. Not erotically teasing those they haunt. I was halfway up when the attic door opened and a thick white fog swept out and down towards me. “Williams? Talk to me, please.” Despite my efforts to stop it, my voice trembled. The wisps came up my shorts and pressed coldly against my panties, against my swollen bud. If I had any sense in me, I’d have turned around and ran. When I considered, he swirled around me harder.
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Ghost in my Dreams (Ghost breeding, monster breeding, paranormal erotica, Ghost Spawn book 2)

A week into it and Claire is already feeling the effects of pregnancy: she's exhausted, smells like a cat in heat and has a ghost that reappears every time she sleeps to give her body exactly what it wants.>But there's more than just her sex drive going on. Johnson's testing some theories about the baby growing inside of her. Claire suspects he's keeping secrets, and not just about her expectancy...

He smashed the top until the wood started to crack. The cold was at my knees now, teasing my skin and crawling up my thighs. My heart pounded with want and fear as the grip started spreading my legs. The ground fell beneath my weight as the ghost lifted my legs and kept me against the wall of earth. A form wedged itself there, against me, cold and rock hard against my ever-aching folds.
"Johnson?" I muttered. He looked up at me from bashing the coffin.
"There is nothing here." He assured me, a twinge of frustration lacing both his voice and expression. Through the dim lighting of our lanterns, I saw his nose turn pink.
"What do they smell like?" I asked, desperately trying to ignore the tendrils sweeping gently over my panties and the ghost’s hard cock grinding against my pants, stirring my bud. Johnson went back to beating on the coffin. "Each one smells different, just like people do. The only scents that don't change are substances." I will fuck you, Claire. The plump head of the unnamed ghost rubbed between my folds as though I wasn’t wearing clothes. I muffled a cry of pleasure as I wiggled to let him in me. The ghost hesitated, wanting to draw out the anticipation. My entrance tightened around him as he prodded teasingly at me. "Please, Johnson, we have to hurry." But my body didn't want to leave yet. It was just getting warmed up. Don’t pretend you don’t want it.

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Ghost Spawn (paranormal  erotica, monster breeding, ghost breeding. Ghost Spawn book 3)
The ghost of Williams is back, only this time it's hungrier and more insatiable than before. What will happen to Claire when he possesses all of the doctors at her bedside? In this final installment, Agent Johnson also has something to prove to Claire...

He didn’t answer me. All of the doctors stayed quiet, staring at me.
“Where is Bran?” There was still a haze of confusion clouding my brain, and their uncanny silence was not helping.
The doctor raised his eyebrows at me, blue eyes ridden with disapproval. “Bran? You mean Agent Johnson? He was sent out on a mission.” Wetness pooled between my swelling lips as his gaze pierced me. The familiar sensation that swept me left my lungs void of air.
Cool tendrils flicked at my warm center and swarmed around my thighs. I knew then what was happening. The ghost spawn had possessed them- all of them.
“What kind of mission?” I asked, clearing my throat to keep my voice steady. A ghostly digit rubbed against my moist slit in exactly the way I liked it, parting my lips and pushing against my clit. “A secret kind.” The doctor replied airily. “Because I have something that needs to be done, and he can’t be getting in the way again.”

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The Virginity Auction 1: Going Down (Billionaire M/f domination, first time erotica)
Amber Jones, an innocent young woman of twenty-two, who has never so much as thought of sex, finds herself curious enough to sell her virginity online. It starts off as a curious endeavor to see how much someone would really pay for such a thing. But when legendary underground billionaire Mason Black silences the auction immediately with the incredible offer of one billion dollars, Amber finds herself juts as curious about him as she is about the act he's bought! Will this turn out to be just a business arrangement, or was Amber no random investment?

 Our kiss lightened, though I didn’t want it to, until he expertly ended it softly with a simple closed-mouth peck on my sore lips.
“So you haven’t even kissed.”
“Not until just now.” I confessed, feeling more comfortable. His hands moved around to the front of me, slowly sliding up my body along the outside of my shirt. They stopped at the top button and he undid it.
Before I could say anything, not that I wanted to stop him, he brushed my hair off of my shoulder with his other hand and pressed his lips on the sensitive base of my neck. He sucked on my skin and I dug my nails into his arms from the rapture it brought. My chest heaved as he slowly undid more buttons, his lips moving...

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The Virginity Auction 2:  Awakening 
The mystery behind billionaire  Mason Black unfolds in this hot sequel as Amber strives to learn more about him and his lifestyle, and struggles with keeping things between them only a business agreement when he invites her to dine with him over a sunset. 
After a curious mishap with one of his servants, Amber steps up to show Mason she is more than just the body he purchased. In the process, the curtain is pulled back to shed some light on the secret life of Mason Black.

I hadn’t even set the glass down when I felt Mason grab my waist and crush me into his tight torso. His face burrowed into my neck, nuzzling into my hair around and inhaling my scent. I reached my arms behind me and grabbed the back of his neck, encouraging him to kiss me there.
The hardness of his cock pressed against me as he hands pulled up the skirt of my dress. His lips caressed the thin skin of my neck before sucking it in. I let my body writhe and move along the waves of pleasure that wracked my spine.
His hands swept up my torso and cupped my breasts, grabbing and pulling them away from each other. I let my hands trail up to feel the expanding hardness of his groin. I wanted it inside of me, now more than before. And I didn’t just want him to give me the penetration I’d been craving; I wanted him to take it from me.

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The Virginity Auction 3: Submission
The innocent Amber Jones is faced with a life altering decision when Mason Black reveals the truth behind his luxurious lifestyle. Will she stay with him, and submit entirely to his authority? 

Mason’s throat made a sound of approval. Against the impeccably clean room, the wall of books appeared out of place. “My servants are not allowed to touch that shelf.”
“They should.”
“I order them not to.”
“Why? Is that your bat lair?”
He laughed again. It was a patronizing, short chuckle. “Not exactly.”
|When Mason grabbed the spine of a leather-bound book and pulled it out, I half expected the whole bookshelf to slide out of the way and reveal a secret passage in the wall. Instead, he flipped the dusty cover open to reveal the compartment inside. A metal key clanged against the wooden pages before he swept his fingers in to take it out.
"What's that for?"
Mason hesitated before answering. For a while I wondered if I was imposing too much on his life, but I banished the idea almost just as quickly. We had something between us, of that I was now positive beyond all reason. If he wanted me to stick around, he was going to have to tolerate me and answer all of my questions.
Not to mention he still had amends to make for trying to leave me not five minutes after taking my virginity, business arrangement be damned.
"This key will take you to my dungeon."
My eyebrows raised on their own. I stared at him, "what?"
"My dungeon."
Images of medieval torture devices flashed through my mind. Then I recalled our exchange before Maria was brought to attention. She wanted Mason to spank her for disobedience. I'd heard of bondage and discipline lifestyles before, but only in videos or online through forums and what have you. The lifestyle was never remotely real until now, when Mason stood before me.
"Why is the key here and not with you?" I asked. "And why don't you let them clean the bookshelf?"
I examined his face carefully before he responded. It was eerily calm still, patient with my ignorance and curiosity.
"I haven't used my dungeon in a long time. But all of my servants know what it is. I don't let them clean the bookshelf because they know the key is hidden there. If they were to clean it like they do everything else, when they walk by and see it, they'll just think of it as another piece of furniture. This way it is more symbolic."
I licked my lips. "Why haven't you used it?"
His eyes pierced me, like I had overstepped a boundary. I felt my skin tighten around my spine as it too, stiffened.
"I haven't bought any submissives to use it with."
My heart pounded in my chest with curiosity and wonder. It seemed as though he was tap-dancing around some unspoken topic. "What's a submissive?"
"A submissive is someone who gives up his or her body to a dominant, or master, in exchange for sexual gratifications."
All of the blood rushed to my face and my head turned down as an embarrassed grin stretched over my lips. "Oh."

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She Likes it Rough: Friends with Benefits book 1

After Alice's boyfriend runs off with a more virginal girl, instead of being heartbroken, Alice's got a craving for no-strings-attached hot time with the cutie next other in class!

“Have you ever been blown while you were driving?”
“Not—Not in broad daylight.”
The corners of her soft lips pulled back into a naughty grin as she reached for the buckle on the belt. It let go and I straightened back as her hand snaked up my thighs. My shorts were too tight.
I checked the mirrors, making sure no one was around. Alice’s head came down over me and—it felt like— she bit down on my zipper and, against the strain of my hard-on, managed to get it down.
Damn, girl.
My cock pitched a tent in my boxers as she deftly undid the button. Cool air from the vents rushed over my exposed skin.
“You ready?” Her breath melted way the cold.
I sped up to avoid a tiny car as her soft lips wrapped around my head.
“I’m turning.”
She plunged her mouth over me and I clenched the steering wheel as I rounded the corner, trying desperately to make it smoothly. The tip of her warm, wet tongue swirled around my head as she sucked, capturing almost all of my attention...

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She Likes Getting Caught: Friends with Benefits Book 2

When Eric's new neighbor, Veronica, shows up wearing lingerie pajamas for a cup of half and half, he isn't sure if she's just super comfortable in her own skin, or if she's trying to seduce him.

But her intentions become quite clear when he catches her with her panties around her knees, moaning his name in the hallway of their apartment complex! 

“Oh, shoot.”
I eyed her suspiciously—that spill was too unrealistic to be natural.
She beamed at me apologetically, “I’m such a klutz. I’m so sorry.”
“Oh, it’s alright.” I grabbed a few paper towels. As I bent to soak up the mess, Veronica untied her robe and took it off.
“Uh- do you want a … shirt, or something?”
“Nah it’s alright.” She snatched a few paper towels off the roll. “It’s early and I just live next door, I’ll run.”
I was nervous to glance up at her, but she joined me on the floor. Her arms wiped over the mess with fast strokes that made her breasts jiggle. Floor. Pay attention to what you’re doing.
She went on all fours, her back dipped as she stretched to reach a spot closer to me. I locked eyes with her and she grinned.
I quickly stood up, feeling the blood rush to groin. She stayed on the floor, apologizing still. I hid behind the counter until I could tuck it into my waistband. She’d be able to see it anyways, but better like this than a pitched tent.
Finally she stood back up, a single white drop of liquid slipped between her breasts, leaving a white trail down her cleavage.

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She Likes to Share: Friends with Benefits book 3
Alice and Eric are all set to study for their chemistry final when the sexy girl-next-door Veronica shows up out of the blue with something a little more naughty in mind... 

“How about we make sure he really enjoys himself?” Alice suggested, sliding one hand up her body and squeezing her breast. After she flicked her finger over her nipple, she too, stood up. On the opposite side of the table, she walked towards me. Her skirt fell to her ankles and without missing a beat, she stepped out of it.
Her face twitched with discomfort when she reached us. “This is uncomfortable, will you take it off?” She wiggled her shoulders and turned her back to me. Her arms stretched back and gathered her blonde hair up so I could see she was referring to her bra.
 I swallowed a glob of saliva and reached up to do as she requested. As the strap came undone, Veronica stretched over me and flicked the tinier ones down from over her shoulders.
Goosebumps prickled across her arms and Alice visibly shivered. She turned around to face me and threw one leg over both of mine. Her smooth pussy was right in front of me, her lips and inner thighs shining with wetness. 

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