Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Change is Delicious!

In the process of updating the covers of my very first series I've received the new cover of Daddy's Little Slut and posted it here for my excitement and for your enjoyment:

Thank you, erocovers!
 New covers for Daddy's Anal Slut and Daddy's Little Smut Collection pending! What do you all think?

Also, here is another reason to get excited about Dirty December:

Now available forever for only .99! Which means...

You can get the bundle (4 books) for only $6.99! 
These prices have now officially taken hold on all distributors except Barnes & Noble, more technical difficulties going on over there, but hopefully it will all be fixed soon!

And I have more exciting news on my to-do list before Christmas comes to pass! 
I present to you:

Usually I think writing books about erotica writers is silly, but I made an exception for this book. This is my tribute to a professor I had this semester (name has been changed to protect the not-so-innocent) who happened to be the cause of many naughty day dreams... 

I have finals this week, my lovelies, but after Thursday my winter break begins and I have a slew of books in the line up that I can't wait to get down and dirty with!

Love you all,
Naomi Lauder

Friday, December 7, 2012

This Week

I just got finished with my cover for the next release and was so excited I had to share with you all: 

Two friends take a daring streak down a mountain. The goal: don't get caught. First one to Lindville Waterfall wins, and the loser has to do whatever is commanded.
But Alex can't help himself. It's a full moon and his need to hunt is uncontrollable...

**UPDATE** I just finished it up! Enjoy your exclusive excerpt!

Dirt stuck to my feet as I made my way through the terrain. The rocks didn't bother me, not even a little bit. I used to roll down the hills and roads barefoot when I was little. This whole mountain was practically my backyard. As the trees began to thin out again I heard traffic and realized I'd have to cross a two-lane busy road. I examined the area and found a sturdy tree over the edge where I could stay out of the sight of drivers and watch traffic in both directions. While I waited for a break in cars, I rested against the strong trunk of the trees and closed my eyes. 
That last image of Alex stuck in my head. Part of me wanted to skip this ridiculous foreplay and just make myself easy prey. Let him catch me. My fingers wandered down between my legs and twirled around my swollen clit. My scent filled the air as I rubbed more vigorously, pretending they were Alex's hands instead of my own. A car horn knocked me out of my fantasy and I turned just in time to see a massive creature leap from not five yards away from me onto the road. Horns blared and brakes screeched as the four legged beast crashed on the roof of a silver SUV.
 I heard a woman scream just as I adjusted myself to get a better view of the silhouetted beast. I couldn't see its face, but somehow I felt it look right at me. Then it leapt back into the forest on the other side of the road, just as gracefully as it appeared. I could see the drivers through their windows shaking, unsure about what just happened before gathering their wits and continuing on the road. It was clear then, and I took the opportunity to make my way to the other side, where the beast went.
 I trembled as my feet flew faster than I ever made them across those two lanes of smooth black pavement. I heard a car approach just as I vanished behind the safety of another tree and into the safe coverage of forest, breathing easier. Lindville was close now.

Animal Attraction is now live on all of my distributors! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dirty December

Merry Christmas, and/or Happy Holidays! Whatever you celebrate this season, I am here once more at the beginning of the month to tell you what you can expect from me!

Well, I'm not calling this month Dirty December for no reason! The semester is coming to an end- thank goodness!- so, aside from finals I have about a month to dedicate to writing (and my loving boyfriend and Mister Scuffles). So, why is this month Dirty December?

That's why ;) Step siblings, spanking and hot, sexy forbidden love!

I have lots of other new kinks that I'm adding to my catalogue this month, so if there's something you would really love to see from me, there is a good chance if you tell me via email (naomilauder2012fan@gmail.com) or leave a comment of what you'd like to see and I just might make it happen!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Sale!

From Now until November 30th: 

Get your copy of Riding Kyle- my debut novel about two friends who make the decision to confront their long-time chemistry before they take off in different directions for college FOR FREE! (Regular retail price: $2.99)

With Code: GT53D

A steamy story about a young woman who wants her crush to take her by force. FOR FREE! (Regular retail price: $2.99)

With Code: NA28Q

Sandra has wanted Chad for as long as she was old enough to understand lust. But Chad happens to be her dad's best friend! Is he going to take her seriously? She hopes so. The driven woman sets up the perfect trap: house to herself, sexy clothes, and even gives the surprised Chad some well-placed seemingly accidental views! 
And Chad's brought his own present for Sandra as well. He picked up her blunt hints easily enough and has every intention to deliver.

FOR ONLY .99! (Regular retail price: $2.99)

With Code: HQ34X

On her way to confront Rick about checking her out, Brittany has in mind a one-night hook up. But what happens when her best friend's dad hints at possibly something more than just today's steamy hookup?

FOR ONLY .99! (Regular retail price: $2.99)
With Code: GU89W

It's called the Insatiable Curse. A condition that envelops the mind and body to want only one thing: immense amounts of pleasure. 
When it becomes inflicted upon spoiled princess Briar, a promiscuous woman who spends her days fornicating with all of the servants availale to her, she is infuriated that the king and queen demand her to find the one man meant to be her antidote. 
The taint coursing through her veins makes princess Briar seek the company of a group of knights sworn to protect her, the very evil fairy who cursed her, and one lucky servant, who seems to be more interested in Briar herself than the symptoms of her curse... 

FOR ONLY $1.99 (Regular retail price: $3.99)
With Code: BQ46K

Erin is desperate to find a job when chance lands her an interview with the manager of a shady coffee shop. This isn't your average interview, as Erin quickly finds out, oncer her future manager insists on her proving how badly she needs the job, and how hard she is willing to work to get it.

GET IT FOR FREE! (Regular retail price: $2.99) 
With Code: CS88A

Girl Night for Katie and Elaine usually consists of munching, watching sappy movies and gossiping about their boyfriends. But tonight, Katie has a curiosity that she longs to explore, and who else to experiment with than her best friend? Will Elaine be up for the adventure?

FOR ONLY .99! (Regular retail price: $2.99)
With Code: NP67T

Amber Jones, an innocent young woman of twenty-two who has never so much as thought of sex, finds herself curious enough to sell her virginity online. It starts off a cruious endeavor to see how much someone would really pay for such a thing. But when legendary underground billionaire Mason Black silences the auction immediately with the incredible offer of one billion dollars, Amber finds herself just as curious about him as she is about the act he's bought! Will this turn out to be just a business meeting, or was Amber no random investment?

FOR ONLY .99! (Regular retail price: $2.99)

With Code:  TU79W

Veronica is ready to be her own person and live the life she wants to. While driving to university, something tragic happens: she gets hit by the truck behind her. 
But disaster simmers down after she gets a look at the man who was driving. He doesn't want the cops involved, and is willing to do whatever it takes to convince her to leave this accident between just the two of them. Even if it means giving her all of the pleasure she's never felt before!
 FOR ONLY .99! (Regular retail price: $2.99)

With Code: HV99Q

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Naughty November

Before I begin this post I'd like to give my apologies for my lack of smut output last month. It was mid-term season and profs. were crazy, as usual.

But now, onward with the sexy times, and this month is: Naughty November! So here is a lovely taste of what you have to look forward to this month, you dirty little readers of mine!

I know what you're thinking: finally! This delicious tale is turning into an erom, so after I finish all 3 parts of it I will be releasing it as a full novel, and the parts will disappear. I'm still releasing the parts for those of you who can't take your delicious paws off this mysterious Mason Black and innocent Amber Jones.

Here is an exclusive excerpt just for you:

The drive was painfully long; it felt as though we hit every red light, like fate itself was drawing out my anticipation for its own amusement. I spied loving couples with clasped hands as they walked down the streets window shopping. I spotted another couple in a romantic embrace hidden away in the shadow of an alley between two large buildings. The man had the woman pressed against the aged brick wall and her hands were tangled lovingly in his brown locks.
My mind replaced the lovers with an image of Mason Black holding me in such a way. I could feel the contours of his firm body as it fit perfectly to mine; his hard chest against my breasts, crushing my supple body against his firm chest.
The image dragged me back into my own erotic slumber. Buildings flew by in a blur; I stretched my legs out in the lonely space of the limousine. A turn of my hips in the right direction made me shiver as a small shot of hormones dispersed and quickly faded.
I stole a glance at the black window separating me and Watson. My clit, hidden away in my panties, was sensitive and sopping, so wet I could feel the cloth glide against me with every small movement, from bumps in the road to my shifting position. I caught myself biting my lip, and my hands diving between my thighs to put pressure, any kind of pressure, against the aching bud. After a few times I felt no shame and didn’t care enough to stop.
We came to a stop and Watson killed the engine. Hastily I yanked my skirt back down. The clear substance on my fingers made me nervous; I didn’t know what Black would do if he caught me red-handed playing with myself. Since he bought my virginity, I wondered if it would be a breach of contract.
A unique scent, a clean musk saturated with my feminine pheromones. I brought my fingers to my lips and rubbed them as though I was applying lipstick. Then, I wasn’t sure why, my tongue darted out to lick it up. It tasted every bit as good as it smelled. My face became hot as I stared at my wet fingers and considered licking them clean.
The door opened next to me. I panicked and wiped my hands on my skirt, like a criminal frantically tossing evidence as far from him as possible. Watson held a helping hand out for me and I took it with my un-soiled hand.
My heart fluttered as Mason Black met my gaze. I had to forcefully remind myself that he was interested in my body, not me. He bought my virginity, not my personality. I had to keep myself as professional as possible. 

I hope to wrap this up this project before the end of the month!

Don't forget to friend me and/or like my page on Facebook!
Do you have any feedback for me?Any kink requests? Leave a comment or send me an Email at naomilauder2012fan@gmail.com I LOVE hearing from you all!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hot Horror for Halloween!

Happy 20th birthday to me! I'm feeling the Halloween spirit today, so have some coupons good for TODAY ONLY loyal readers!

Get it at Smashwords for half price ( $1.50! )with coupon code: KR28Y

Get it at Smashwords for .99 with coupon code: BQ64L

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Billionaires! Auctions! Coupons!

I am pleased to announce that I've finally finished the first installment of "The Virginity Auction", my new series about an innocent young virgin who decides to sell herself online and is bought by an underground billionaire. It was a lot of fun to write, because I am not an innocent young woman (innocent, anyways) and so getting in the mindset of someone who is essentially my opposite was quite an exercise!

And for all of my lovely readers, here is an exclusive excerpt and a Smashwords coupon for 50% off!

My heart felt like it was going to beat itself right out of my chest and my brain flew a mile a minute as I tried to concentrate on copying the movements he was making. His big arms wrapped around my back and pressed me closer. At first I was frigid to the intimacy, but slowly his passionate kiss melted me. I cupped his face with both hands as our kiss deepened and became wild.
I felt something hard in his pants press against my swelling mound. It felt good, so I pressed against it more, wanting to throw my legs over him, but I refrained.
Our kiss lightened, though I didn’t want it to, until he expertly ended it softly with a simple closed-mouth peck on my sore lips.
“So you haven’t even kissed.”
“Not until just now.” I confessed, feeling more comfortable. His hands moved around to the front of me, slowly sliding up my body along the outside of my shirt. They stopped at the top button and he undid it.
Before I could say anything, not that I wanted to stop him, he brushed my hair off of my shoulder with his other hand and pressed his lips on the sensitive base of my neck. He sucked on my skin and I dug my nails into his arms from the rapture it brought. My chest heaved as he slowly undid more buttons, his lips moving down my chest in sync. He stopped at the last button and planted a single soft kiss on my breast bone.

Use this code: QK68P to get it here for $1.50! Coupon expires on the 25th so hurry!

More things to look forward to! 

If you're enjoying my Daddy's Best Friend series then you'll enjoy this: 

I have the best cover artist in the world! And I'm very much looking forward to writing this, as things are starting to get steamy between Brittany and Rick ;) 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Salacious September!

So I know the month is half over already. In truth I have not been able to sit down and focus, thank you, college.

However! I do have good news!

Is available for FREE on Smashwords and Kobo. It usually takes a while before the price-matching gets to Amazon, but I'll let you know as soon as it goes free there and at PubIt too!

Onwards to things I'm working on this month!

Amber Jones, an innocent young woman of twenty-two who has never so much as thought of sex, finds herself curious enough to sell her virginity online. It starts off as a curious endeavor to see how much someone would really pay for such a thing. But when legendary underground billionaire Mason Black silences the auction immediately with the incredible offer of one billion dollars, Amber finds herself just as curious about him as she is about the act he's bought! Will this turn out to be just a business meeting, or was Amber no random investment? 

And I finally have the cover for my next erotic fairy tale: 

I am growing very attached to this story and I want it to be absolutely perfect when I publish it, so I'm not going to give you all false hope, but it will definitely be out before Christmas!  

Friday, August 24, 2012

New Covers!

I'm so excited today! On Tuesday night, I reached an achievement-worthy 30 titles. The rest of the week, sadly, school is back in session, so I was doing that- gathering more inspiration for you naughty readers ;)

Today, however, I spent the day with a good friend fixing up a good chunk of my covers! Check it out!

HIS FIRST GAY FUCK: Or, you may know it as: Behind the Band Room. Two hot guys getting it on in public? YUM!

Sexy, isn't she? Jill that little minx. What does she want? There's one way to find out!

Oh, Sandra, you dirty waitress, you. What have you gotten yourself into this time?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Coming Soon!

I've been a tad busy lately, so I thought I would give all of you a little taste of what's coming soon from your favorite student-smut writer:

Hmmm, I wonder what Lord Caldwell has in store for this beauty? Here's an exclusive excerpt just for you:
“Certainly.” That dismissive tone again. “You want to bear my child, and I want my company to be the most ‘green’ one in existence.”
Saying it so bluntly was disarming. But I tried to pick up the shattered bits of my professionalism. “What exactly are you proposing, sir?”
“I give you what you want, and in return you give me what I want.”
“How am I supposed to-”
“You’ll get my permission to do anything necessary that will cut costs and contribute to renewable energy. My unlimited permission.”
I twirled the wine glass in my fingers and watched the liquid quiver, mimicking how my insides felt.
“What about maternal leave?” I had to cover all of my bases, after all. I did want a baby, and his was ideal. But not if it cost me my job.
“Your job will be secure, all medical bills and such paid for. After the baby is born, you’ll return to work for me.”
I stared at him and he stared back. From what I was understanding, I was the only one gaining anything here. I got him in bed, a guaranteed job and his approval on any corporate-wide change I chose to implement.
“What are you going to get out of this?” My eyes narrowed and the words escaped my lips carefully.
A twitch of a grin crossed over his lips as he leaned in. The heat of his breath warmed my neck and cheek as he whispered, “Feeling you writhe in pleasure beneath my body.”
My skin curled up in gooseflesh as the words slithered down the back of my neck. As Caldwell moved away from me, he rose to his feet and offered me a hand.
      I reached out and shakily took it.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 You want more of it, so I'm going to give it to you! More stories of hot young women going after sexy sugar daddies!
     Now that she's out of her house and ready to start her own life, Lisa's getting ready to cross the first thing off of her to-do list: Seducing her dad's buddy, Russell. Will he succumb to her temptations, or leave her hanging?

 Want to know what I'm going to write to accompany this lovely lady? I'll give you a hint: It has to do with fairy tales!
     What happens to a king who becomes so power hungry, he wants to keep a curse that was intended to stop him? 
     What happens when a group of peasants appeal to the most powerful dominatrix in the entire continent to break the curse, and end his tyranny?
     What happens when breaking the curse involves much more than surrendering his body and mind?
     What happens when you break the beast?

  Another erotic fairy tale to accompany The Insatiable Curse. Coming Soon.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Fairy Tales..

The Insatiable Curse

 Princess Briar spends her free time screwing servants in her father's kingdom. She can't ever seem to experience that paralyzing bliss that everyone else does, but it's still fun, right?
Until her parents inform her that she was cursed by an evil fairy a long time ago. It's called the Insatiable Curse- a condition of blinding lust that drives women and men to madness with the urge, the need, to orgasm. But the Curse does not let it happen. Not unless you find the one person meant to break it.

The man meant to break her curse has been found, but can the bratty Princess Briar get to him before it's too late?! Join her while she casually meets up with servants, gets confronted by a group of knights, faces the evil fairy who cursed her and meets not only the man who will put a stop to her unfortunate curse, but also the man of her dreams! 


On top of this, I have a few more sexy surprises lined up for you guys! But I don't want to spoil the surprise *quite* yet...

Brittany's always had a thing for Ally's dad. After going through most of her days with certainty that he had little interest in her, besides the friendship she shared with Ally, imagine her surprise when the hunk of her life shows up one day at cheer practice! And Rick's not shy about checking Brittany out, either

On her way to see him, Brittany's only got in mind a one time naughty hookup.

But what happens when her best friend's dad hints at possibly something more than just today's steamy romp?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

We All Like Free...

Hard Science
All of the students want to get in Annette's pants, and she knows it. While most of the guys fall over her, she's holding out for one hunk in particular: Alsten. To get him in her clutches, teacher-assistant Annette runs a tight ship, cracking down on rules. Her plan works, and this ex-military lab student comes to her to save his grade. But Alsten has something else in mind for this strict woman in control...
This 3300 word story contains an unlucky student, sexy power struggles and an ending you won't see coming!


Behind the Band Room
Enter Brian, the outgoing and charismatic counter personality to Josh. After a concert, the two best friends find themselves unable to resist their untapped lust for each other and end up going at it in the most convenient semi-private location: behind the band room.
This short, roughly 3100 word story contains content suitable for adults only, male on male sexiness and a first-time experience that won't be forgotten!

Happy one-handed reading!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Riding Kyle: Book Confessions

My debut novel, Riding Kyle is part of the 18 & Unsupervised non-sequential mini-series. It is a sexy tale of two students, Amanda and Kyle,  fresh out of high school who have been keeping their lust for one another a secret. Of course, until the time of this steamy short story.

What inspired me to write this?

One day, while I was sitting in my usual coffee shop enjoying a cup of steamy goodness, at the table next to me sat a couple. Sexual tension was almost palpable between them, but they kept it together pretty well. After a while of eavesdropping I discovered that they were not a couple, as I first guessed.

Which made me think of my own personal embodiment of lust in male form. Of course, I had fantasized about "Kyle" before, but watching the two of them interact and drop painfully obvious hints at each other encouraged me to start recording all of my own fantasies...

And then something miraculous happened: "Kyle" confessed his lust for me. It was a wordless confession- having softened me up with a small gift for the holidays and a cup of coffee, everything fell naturally in place after that, one thing lead to another and sha-bam. I landed one steamy night with my own personal Adonis, and adjusted the tale accordingly while he looked over my shoulder.

Thus, Riding Kyle was born. Now, whether or not those minute details: sex on the counter, deep throat blow jobs, sixty-nine and cumming on "Amanda's" exhausted body actually occurred.... Well, I will leave that up to you ;)

Teeny-Tiny Excerpt for your Enjoyment

Kyle couldn’t help his grin while he shamelessly took in her figure; the cleavage of her breasts over her bra and he soft curve of her hips were so warmly inviting.  Amanda kept her eyes on him, the way his gaze trailed over her spiked her lust.  She mentally celebrated her idea to freshen up absolutely everything before coming over... just in case.  Kyle got up, took a step towards her, eyes darkened with want.  But she took another step away from him.
“It’s your turn.” She said with a playful smile, resting her eyes over his chest and shoulders.  Kyle quickly removed his shirt, revealing his bare chest and stomach, thin and firm. Amanda grinned at him and wandered closer to the kitchen.  She stopped where it began and, still holding his dark eyes, unbuttoned her jeans, unzipped them, and pulled the sides far apart so her black lack panties just peeked out.  With every step she took towards the kitchen, her jeans slid and revealed more of her slim legs.  She was a few steps in before they finally fell to her ankles and stepped out of them....
(C) Naomi Lauder 2012

If you've read it, or like my work in general, I would love to hear from you! Post a comment or shoot me an E-mail at: naomilauder2012fan@gmail.com

Coupon code: ZB82X 
Expires: 5/4/2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

Who Am I?

Good morning/ afternoon/ evening, reader of smut. My name is Naomi, it's a joy to finally meet you. 

I'm a scorpio (my birthday is Halloween, how awesome is that?) and a junior in college. I enjoy partying- from typical college frat parties to fetish parties, hanging out with my friends and, most of all, smut-slingin'. My favorite color is purple, my favorite band is She Wants Revenge and my favorite beverage is coffee. 

Writing out my sexual fantasies (and realities... but shh, that's a secret) has been something of a personal art form for me since... before I should probably tell you. It was only recently that I decided to let out my ultimate inner exhibitionist and share my dirty mind with the world, in the form of erotic short stories. 

Armed with my own salacious thoughts and a supportive group of near-and-dear friends, I dove head-first into the wonderful world of self-publishing. 

And here I am: Naomi Lauder. Enjoy your one-handed reading.

I love hearing from fans! Like my official page on Facebook or shoot me a friend request! You can also send me an email at naomilauder2012f@gmail.com!