Friday, December 7, 2012

This Week

I just got finished with my cover for the next release and was so excited I had to share with you all: 

Two friends take a daring streak down a mountain. The goal: don't get caught. First one to Lindville Waterfall wins, and the loser has to do whatever is commanded.
But Alex can't help himself. It's a full moon and his need to hunt is uncontrollable...

**UPDATE** I just finished it up! Enjoy your exclusive excerpt!

Dirt stuck to my feet as I made my way through the terrain. The rocks didn't bother me, not even a little bit. I used to roll down the hills and roads barefoot when I was little. This whole mountain was practically my backyard. As the trees began to thin out again I heard traffic and realized I'd have to cross a two-lane busy road. I examined the area and found a sturdy tree over the edge where I could stay out of the sight of drivers and watch traffic in both directions. While I waited for a break in cars, I rested against the strong trunk of the trees and closed my eyes. 
That last image of Alex stuck in my head. Part of me wanted to skip this ridiculous foreplay and just make myself easy prey. Let him catch me. My fingers wandered down between my legs and twirled around my swollen clit. My scent filled the air as I rubbed more vigorously, pretending they were Alex's hands instead of my own. A car horn knocked me out of my fantasy and I turned just in time to see a massive creature leap from not five yards away from me onto the road. Horns blared and brakes screeched as the four legged beast crashed on the roof of a silver SUV.
 I heard a woman scream just as I adjusted myself to get a better view of the silhouetted beast. I couldn't see its face, but somehow I felt it look right at me. Then it leapt back into the forest on the other side of the road, just as gracefully as it appeared. I could see the drivers through their windows shaking, unsure about what just happened before gathering their wits and continuing on the road. It was clear then, and I took the opportunity to make my way to the other side, where the beast went.
 I trembled as my feet flew faster than I ever made them across those two lanes of smooth black pavement. I heard a car approach just as I vanished behind the safety of another tree and into the safe coverage of forest, breathing easier. Lindville was close now.

Animal Attraction is now live on all of my distributors! 

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