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Here is the massive compilation list of all my single short stories. For easy searching, use ctrl + F and use keywords or parts of titles. As always, I love suggestions from my readers, so don't be shy! Some of my single-titles are also in the process of getting re-vamped covers and content, so if you're looking for something specific that's not here, check back later or keep an eye on my posts!

Rear Ended (Sex with a Stranger, First time Anal sex)
Veronica is ready to be her own person and live the life she wants to. While driving to university, something tragic happens: She gets hit by the truck behind her.
But disaster simmers down after she gets a look at the man driving! He doesn't want the cops involved and is willing to do whatever it takes to convince her to leave this accident between just the two of them. Even if it means giving her all the pleasure she's never felt before.

A twitch of a smile crossed her lips as she threw her weight to one leg and touched her neck with a hand. He watched her painted nails sweep around her jaw and slide across her lush, pouty lips.
“I’ll make it twelve hundred.” His throat went dry.
Veronica lifted her sunglasses over her head, pulling strands of her hair with the motion, and squinted at him. “What’s your name, anyways?” She asked.
Her hand slid down her neck and lightly scratched at her breast. Jason’s eyes glanced down as her fingers wiggled over her vibrant skin.
“Do you have a girl friend, Jason?”
As her name passed his lips, he felt his cock jump in his pants. His mind wandered, playing with images of bending her over the hood of his truck. “No.” He answered, shuffling his position again. “What’s it to you?”
Veronica wasted no time taking the single stride to close the distance between them. Hot, wet juice was saturating her just by standing next to him. Jason stiffened, but didn’t back down as she boldly grabbed the large bulge in his jeans.
“How about,” She said lowly, keeping her eyes locked on his, “Fifteen hundred and you get to fuck me with this hard cock of yours?”

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Animal Attraction (Werewolf erotica, exhibitionism)

Michelle and Alex take a daring streak down the wilderness, through the small town of Lindville with one goal in mind: make it to the waterfall without getting caught. 
But things heat up quickly when Michelle realizes she's not alone. A giant wolf is hunting her, taunting her to run faster with the absurd notion that it wants her.
Alex knows Michelle wants to be hunted, and he sets out to deliver. He watches her succumb to her desires behind trees, listens to her moan his name. The air is heavy with her scent, and he is determined to have her.

My fingers wandered down between my legs and twirled around my swollen clit. My scent filled the air as I rubbed more vigorously, pretending they were Alex's hands instead of my own.
A car horn knocked me out of my fantasy and I turned just in time to see a massive creature leap from not five yards away from me onto the road. Horns blared and brakes screeched as the four legged beast crashed on the roof of a silver SUV. I heard a woman scream just as I adjusted myself to get a better view of the silhouetted beast.
I couldn't see its face, but somehow I felt it look right at me.
Then it leapt back into the forest on the other side of the road, just as gracefully as it appeared. I could see the drivers through their windows shaking, unsure about what just happened before gathering their wits and continuing on the road. It was clear then, and I took the opportunity to make my way to the other side, where the beast went.
I trembled as my feet flew faster than I ever made them across those two lanes of smooth black pavement. I heard a car approach just as I vanished behind the safety of another tree and into the safe coverage of forest, breathing easier. Lindville was close now. 

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Sucked Dry (Vampire Erotica)

Dragged out to a Halloween night club, Tess finds herself enticed by a mysterious man. Chemistry spikes between them almost immediately, and Tess becomes intrigued by his dedication to the illusion of his costume: a vampire.
Will Tess grab this opportunity by the fangs and live out her erotic vampire fantasy? Of course she will! The real question is: who is this mysterious stranger, and why does he have fang implants?

I was very aware of his presence, haunting, following me out the back door into a dark alley. A few couples had already claimed the area, women pressed against walls with their strappy-sandaled shoes wrapped around half-down pants. The air smelled like sex, which only kicked up my own drive.
“Somewhere more private, close to your house preferably.” He whispered to me. Being near prying eyes didn’t bother me any, but he would probably have issues getting it up if he felt nervous, so I consented.
As I walked, I flexed my thighs to squeeze my swollen bud. I felt my panties already drenched from scenes playing through my mind. I’d never confess it, but the thought of having sex with a vampire was unbelievably intriguing. Being desired by a powerful being that could kill you at any minute was the height of the appeal of being dominated.
“Here.” He pushed me lightly down a narrow alley. There were no windows or dumpsters. I didn’t think twice about walking between those two huge buildings.
“Hold very still.” He instructed, and I noticed another change in his voice. It was deeper, more menacing. “It’s important that you hold still do I don’t hurt you.” 

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