Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy 2016!

I apologize for my long, unexplained absence. Life got a little crazy, and my priorities got a little bit mixed up. But for those of you who were watching, I still wrote and published plenty of books!

I'm happy to announce my return this year, I've gotten settled down a bit and I have a boat full of ideas I can't wait to put down and share with all of you :) 

For starters, after long last: I HAVE A MAILING LIST NOW! So you can better keep up with my new releases. Sign up now for a newsletter of my most recent works and what you might have missed over 2015 by clicking


All I need is your email address!

Thank you so, so much for reading. I'm looking forward to a salacious 2016 with you!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Super Sexy Spring Sale!

Before I get into the sale details, I have to announce the release of a very special story...

Most people think Belle was sold to the Beast, or forced to stay against her will in his horrible castle against. But the cool reality is that Beast was forced to stay in the castle with Belle.
 And Belle wasn't the sweet, innocent princess you were told about as a child, either. She was known among the people as a disconjectuer, a dominatrix of the highest class and training known as Mistress Belladonna. The only thing the classic tale got right was that she was brought to break a curse, a curse that only could be broken by love and willful submission.
After King Adam inherited his throne, his kingdom was put under a curse that forced them all to drown in blind indulgence. Adam demanded the virginity of the women, and they happily offered it. Until a witch woman came and sealed the curse, saving his people from his horrible reign. But the seal came at a terrible cost, turning King Adam into a horrible beast.
This is not the tale of "Beauty and the Beast" you were told as a child. This tale is longer, and contains more sex and domination than you ever thought possible.

Now Available at Amazon!

and now...

Super-Sexy Spring Sale!

Over 12 books to add to your collection from FREE to 50% off until Monday, March 23rd! There's a little bit of everything, so go ahead, indulge ;)

Breaking out from under the dominating and judgmental eyes of her religious parents drives Amanda to befriend Kyle: a dark-haired, wild-eyed charmer from the Bahamas with a shadowy past.

The only way to break truly free is to step way out of her comfort zone and into the world of the biggest taboo her parents and upbringing forbids: casual sex.

Coupon Code: CF42B

Jill loves the attention she gets from just walking down the street. She could have any guy with the snap of her fingers and she knows it!

Miles is holding a torch for her, but she's tired of all this talk without action. She wants a man who takes what he wants...

Coupon Code: GA98M

Erin is desperate to find a job when chance lands her an interview with a cafe with a most unusual reputation.

Between her mother's medical bills piling up and her previous experience as a barista, she hopes she can work her way through the interview and handle whatever really goes on behind the counter.

But as Erin quickly finds out, the rumors are true, and if she wants this job as bad as she needs it, she's going to have to show the manager just how bad... and what exactly she's willing to do to get it.

Coupon Code: VY85L

Josh and Brian have been best friends for as long as either can remember. Even when Brian comes out of the closet, it doesn't change anything between them.

But now, Josh needs a change of scenergy. And Brian's hitning interest. Can Brian convince Josh to get a little naughty, and go somewhere he's never gone before?

Coupon code: WX68Y

It didn't take Alice and Veronica long to discover Eric's secret plan to seduce them into a threesome. But before they dive headfirst into that, they want to make sure they have the chemistry it takes to pull off something that sexy!

After a week of flirting, Veronica finally invites Alice over to her apartment to "study." Alice is nervous, though. She loves Veronica's party-girl vibe, but she's never experimented with another woman before. Will Alice give in to Veronica's seduction?

Coupon Code: CZ97M

Dragged out to a Halloween night club, Tess finds herself enticed by a mysterious man. chemistry spikes between them almost immediately, and she becomes intrigued by his dedication to his costume: a vampire.

Will tess grab this opporunity by the fangs and live out her erotic vampire fantasy? Of course she will! The real question is: who is mysterious stranger, and why does he have fang implants?

Coupon code: YB24X

My first adult fairy tale!

It's called the Insatiable Curse. A condition that envelops the mind and body to want only one thing: immense amounts of pleasure.

When spoiled Princess Briar becomes afflicted, she becomes infuriated the king and queen set her up in an arranged marriage with the man who is supposed to be her antidote. She has no desire to limit her pleasure to one person.

The curse coursing through her veins makes princess Briar seek the company of a group of knights sworn to protect her, the very evil fairy who cursed her and one very lucky servant, who is more interested in Briar herself than what the curse has turned her into.

Coupon Code: BQ46K

When Jessica wrote a hot sexual fantasy about her boss and locked it away in her desk, she didn't expect him to find it! She also didn't expect him to take her up on it and offer a business contract with her.

All she had to do is let him impregnate her and he'd give her that promotion she's been craving since the day she was hired. Will she accept, and take the trip to his alleged Slave Mansion?

Coupon code: AN62V

Bradley decides to skip college to go learn the ways of the cowboy through family friend Keith. He's known Keith his whole life, and never stopped admiring him for how hard he has to work just to keep food on the table. Convinced his affection is only a one-way fantasy, Bradley decides to keep their relationship platonic.

But when Keith insists on showing Bradley what its like to be hogtied, things get hot beyond what Bradley can handle, and he finds out what kind of passion Keith has been harbouring for him! Will Bradley get the romance he's been craving, or will calloused cowboy Keith leave him in the dust?

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Girl night for Katie and Elaine usually consists of munching, watching sappy movies and gossiping about their boyfriends. But tonight, Katie has a curiosity that she longs to explore, and who else to experiment with than her best friend?

Coupon Code: NP67T

Veronica is ready to be her own person and live the life she wants to. While driving to university, something tragic happens: she gets hit by the truck behind her.

Disaster simmers down after she gets a look at the man who hit her. He doesn't want the cops involved and is willing to do whatever it takes to convince her to leave this accident between just the two of them. Even if it means giving her all the pleasure she's never felt before, right there on the side of the highway.

Coupon Code: GE82N

Michelle and Alex take a daring streak down the wilderness on a mountainside, through the small town of Lindville with one goal in mind: make it to the waterfall without getting caught.

Things head up quickly when Michelle realizes they're not alone. A giant wolf is chasing her, taunting her with the absurd notion that it wants her.

Alex knows Michelle wants to be hunted, and sets out to deliver. He watches her succumb to her desires behind trees, listens to her moan his name. The air is heavy with her scent, and he is determined to have her.

Coupon Code: WH74G

When Morgan spills a large glass of red wine all over her step dad's white dining room table, she knows there will be hell to pay...

Imagine her surprise when daddy bends her over the table and spanks her like a little girl! She can't deny how good it feels, and he can't resist to take things a little further and make her pay for the damage... with her body!

Coupon Code: WK89B

When Claire first steps foot into a haunted house to lay the ghost of Williams to rest, she had no idea the events about to unfold.

It was her duty to find out why Williams remained on earth and destroy him. Imagine her surprise when she finds herself naked and completely at his mercy!

But that's not it: Williams isn't done with her yet. He plants himself inside of her again, only to come back as something more feral than a wild animal: a ghost spawn.

Under the watchful eye of Agent Bran Johnson, Claire experiences unusual changes in her abilities, and ghosts who can't take their tendrils off of her!

Coupon Code: EB96P

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Book Ban and Changes

Due to stricter policy changes on various distributors, I've had to make some cover, description and title changes on some of my books. The content inside the books has been untouched.

My PI novels will have trees on the covers and ambiguous titles:





Other taboo or PI key things to look for is the use of "bond" in descriptions. I can't use any specific family member relation in my blurbs, so instead I name the characters and describe them as having a special bond somewhere. The only books I have not republished or touched or adjusted is Daddy's Little Smut Collection and it is mostly because I know this ban will pass and those covers are just too damn pretty to hide, also those books are really old. They are still available to purchase via Smashwords.

Speaking of which, if you prefer to find your word-porn quickly and without the deciphering of symbolism and reading between the lines, I encourage you to purchase through Smashwords. We are still allowed full reign over there, and I do intend on continuing my publications there the way they were before this ban- raunchy covers, list of sex acts, whole nine yards. I want you to know what you're getting.

Though, because of all of this shenanigans I am probably not going to be writing a lot of PI.

Another thing I would like to address: book reviews. 

During this time of ban, authors rely heavily on their fan base. Please understand that if you are purchasing something through Amazon or Barnes and Noble, especially in the erotica sections, and it is not what it appears to be, it is because we cannot be as blunt as before. We do not have the intention to mislead you, in fact, we are getting in trouble and jumping through hoops to find ways to warn you without summoning the morally-correct squad.

And I would like to give a warm thank-you to the lovely individual who gave me a 4-star review on Smashwords for Spank Me, Step-Brother:

If you love taboo stories and graphic descriptions of good ol' spankings, I'd wholeheartedly recommend this book. I loved the attention to detail and the vivid descriptions of the step-brother's hand spanking Sophie. 
I finally saw this right after the first and hardest week of book bans came down and lots of self publishing erotica authors were not sure if they were going to be able to continue writing. It was more uplifting than you could possibly fathom.

Spread the word. SP authors could really use the positive feedback in times like this, and not just because they drive sales. Lots of people leave low reviews about things they don't like, and after a while they wear down on the soul. We need to be nudged every now and then by you to keep us going. Even if you can't leave a public review, most authors have a facebook page or a an email address or a blog, where you can send them a private message of some kind.

A huge project has been keeping me busy and away from short erotic fiction. I don't want to give away the surprise quite yet, but let me just say that I have been dabbling in some world building lately... and re-discovered my collection of Grimm's Fairy Tales, The 1001 Arabian Nights, and Classic Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen. 


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ebook Makeovers and More Audio books!

Over a year ago, I published my first book. Since then, thanks to you, readers, and all of your feedback and continued support, I have grown and my life has taken turns that I never thought possible. 

With over 50 books to my name, I have decided to take a break on publishing new content and that it is time to revisit the books I have published and improve them- from the cover image to the last word you'll see on your eReading device. 

Some of the books will be getting new titles and new cover images, some will be getting new, added content- all of the specifics of what was changed will be in the book description.. 

Now, onto the good stuff. Can you guess which book is getting this new cover and title? 

If you guessed: 

You would be correct! 

Riding Kyle was my very first published book, and being such, has so much more potential than I gave it. Aside from a very thorough editing, this lovely new cover and title, Riding Kyle will be re-released with additional, scorching-hot content as well! 

Friend me on facebook for more updates on makeovers throughout the month! 


Additionally, with the success of My Best Friend's Daddy as an audiobook, another series is in the works...

 Daddy's Best Friend is now live, and of course, I will update when the other two (Daddy's Little Slut and Daddy's Anal Slut) are as well! 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Cowboys & Goodreads!

Hogtied by a Cowboy

A romance, hidden and festering for years, explodes when a knot-training exercise leaves Bradley bound from ankle to wrist. Can Keith resist the half-naked, sweaty farmhand who's come into his care?

Now Available:

I am now officially on Goodreads! You can add my books to your lists, rate and discuss them and all the other lovely options Goodreads gives you to socialize with books and their creators!  

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Magical May (Update: Thursday the 30th)

Before I introduce you to what you can look forward to this month from me, a Public Service Announcement is in order!

As some of you may know, Amazon has put erotica under and Adult Filter, which can have an effect on your shopping habits.
When you search Amazon, be sure you are in the Books or Kindle Store categories. You can read more detailed instructions about avoiding the filter here.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to hop up on a soapbox for a moment: 
I don't agree with the practice of filtering content without making a way to unfilter it, and then telling your customers how to moderate the filter to your preferences, it's irresponsible and does them a great disservice. 
If the filtering annoys you, don't forget about the incredible influence you have. You don't have to write to Amazon or swear to never buy anything from them again. Now is a great time to follow or friend your favorite authors, join the Banned Erotic Books page on FB, start your own blog of sexy erotica- make your own group of like-minded people on reddit or facebook or twitter or tumblr or whatever social networking sites you visit and cross-promote your favorite authors and books. Erotica authors haven't survived in this market because of the free advertising as much as because we provide you with what you want- and it's your support and voice that keeps us going.

And now, back to what you can look forward to this month: 

At last, another semester down and only four more to go until I am completely finished and get to focus on writing books full time! But for now, I get three months of freedom! And I have big plans for the rest of May (don't I always?) What can you look forward to this month?

 SHE LIKES TO EXPERIMENT: A Friends with Benefits Side-Story.

Not necessary for the trilogy, just a bonus I thought would be hot to throw in: some lesbian action between Alice and Veronica before they consent to Eric's threesome offer- Mmm.

Now available at:
Barnes & Noble

SHE LIKES TO SHARE:  Friends with Benefits book 3

Veronica and Alice decide its time to return the favor to their sexy friend, Eric, whos' done nothing but give their bodies exactly what they've wanted and couldn't get from other men- a hot FFM threesome, right on the floor of his apartment!

Now available at:
Barnes & Noble

Everyone loves a good bundle! Now you can get the whole series (Except She Likes to Experiment) for a discounted $6.99! 

Now available on 

BOUND AND TAKEN IN HER SLEEP (Rough sex, bondage, sleep erotica)

Isabelle confesses to her boyfriend that she wants him to be a little rougher and more spontaneous in the bedroom. But what she doesn't expect is his rough, bondage-loving alter-ego, Jacob, to tie her up while she's asleep and ravish her body like she's never been before! And what she finds even more shocking: she loves every little bit of it! 

Now Available at: 

An exclusive sneak peek to my next fairy tale: Breaking the Beast...

Another fairy tale on its way!
“I did not train my entire life for my position to be forgotten.”
A sharp slice of leather through the air was his only warning, and it didn’t last nearly long enough for Beast to prepare himself. Beast cried out in shock and pain as his back exploded in pain. The tower held his cry, amplified it to his ears. Beast didn’t care, his back was dripping with blood. Water pooled his eyes, and for the first time in his life, he didn’t care if a woman saw the tears stream down his face.
“When you address me, you will address me by my title. Is that understood?”
“Yes! Yes, Mistress Belladonna.”
 “Now answer my question.”
Beast’s mind was wrapped around the sting that divided his back in half. He’d forgotten what she asked of him. His heart pounded as he racked his brain to remember. “I- I … I’m sorry, Mistress Belladonna, I don’t remember what you asked. Please don’t whip me again.”
He was met with silence. Beast’s neck had cringed, his eyes squeezed with anticipation for her to strike, his breath held in his lungs, waiting. Nothing happened, and he dared relax.
The sharp whip came at him again. Beast screamed, his back now marked with a red, puffy X. He was sure he had blood dripping down his skin.
“You do not give orders. You do not have any requests. You are here for me. For my pleasure. You’re alive only because I want you to be.”
“Yes Mistress Belladonna. I’m sorry, Mistress. So sorry.”
“That wasn’t so hard, was it?”
She walked closer to Beast, he felt her hands against his tender sides. They were cold compared to the heat of his blood from the pain, but he dared not flinch.
“No, Mistress.”
Mistress Belladonna’s hands wrapped around his torso, the dull ache of his muscles just a memory after the lashes. Her long-fingernails scratched up and down his chest. Beast shivered as her tongue, hot and wet, traced a thick line over his neck.
She swirled around in front of him, leaning against his body just enough to return the attention to his arms that were holding the majority of his weight.
“My favorite part…” Her hands slipped down his dirty body. “Is the first time I get to see my new play thing.” 

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Aggressive April

I have been having the wildest month!

Between getting a dear friend up and into sharing her sexy sci-fi fantasies with the world, moving into a new place with the fiance, hosting fetish parties, school work and doing research for my next book, I'm glad to finally be back at the keyboard! 

Did I say book? I should have said trilogy! Allow me to introduce... 

Meet Eric Jonson: "the Man with a Plan." 

Since high school Eric has fantasized about having a threesome. Two girls, polar opposites in appearance, riding him all night long. He's determined to find them, and once he gives them what they want, they'll gladly return the favor. 

Meet Alice Payne: 

This upstanding ex-high-school cheerleader from a wealthy family wants nothing more than to enjoy her freedom now that she's out from the accusing glares of her extremely religious parents. And after her boyfriend refuses to fuck her like the naughty girl she is and runs off with someone more reserved and virginal, what a better way to cope than to get a man who's not afraid to spank her sexy ass and fuck her harder than she's ever been before?

Eric's found the first girl who will make his fantasy a reality. Now he just needs one more...

Now Available at:
Barnes & Noble

Meet Veronica: 

The girl-next-door with more secrets than you can fit under a bed. She's got a secret fetish for being out in the open, and another secret interest in Eric...

Now Available!