Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Book Ban and Changes

Due to stricter policy changes on various distributors, I've had to make some cover, description and title changes on some of my books. The content inside the books has been untouched.

My PI novels will have trees on the covers and ambiguous titles:





Other taboo or PI key things to look for is the use of "bond" in descriptions. I can't use any specific family member relation in my blurbs, so instead I name the characters and describe them as having a special bond somewhere. The only books I have not republished or touched or adjusted is Daddy's Little Smut Collection and it is mostly because I know this ban will pass and those covers are just too damn pretty to hide, also those books are really old. They are still available to purchase via Smashwords.

Speaking of which, if you prefer to find your word-porn quickly and without the deciphering of symbolism and reading between the lines, I encourage you to purchase through Smashwords. We are still allowed full reign over there, and I do intend on continuing my publications there the way they were before this ban- raunchy covers, list of sex acts, whole nine yards. I want you to know what you're getting.

Though, because of all of this shenanigans I am probably not going to be writing a lot of PI.

Another thing I would like to address: book reviews. 

During this time of ban, authors rely heavily on their fan base. Please understand that if you are purchasing something through Amazon or Barnes and Noble, especially in the erotica sections, and it is not what it appears to be, it is because we cannot be as blunt as before. We do not have the intention to mislead you, in fact, we are getting in trouble and jumping through hoops to find ways to warn you without summoning the morally-correct squad.

And I would like to give a warm thank-you to the lovely individual who gave me a 4-star review on Smashwords for Spank Me, Step-Brother:

If you love taboo stories and graphic descriptions of good ol' spankings, I'd wholeheartedly recommend this book. I loved the attention to detail and the vivid descriptions of the step-brother's hand spanking Sophie. 
I finally saw this right after the first and hardest week of book bans came down and lots of self publishing erotica authors were not sure if they were going to be able to continue writing. It was more uplifting than you could possibly fathom.

Spread the word. SP authors could really use the positive feedback in times like this, and not just because they drive sales. Lots of people leave low reviews about things they don't like, and after a while they wear down on the soul. We need to be nudged every now and then by you to keep us going. Even if you can't leave a public review, most authors have a facebook page or a an email address or a blog, where you can send them a private message of some kind.

A huge project has been keeping me busy and away from short erotic fiction. I don't want to give away the surprise quite yet, but let me just say that I have been dabbling in some world building lately... and re-discovered my collection of Grimm's Fairy Tales, The 1001 Arabian Nights, and Classic Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen. 


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