Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ebook Makeovers and More Audio books!

Over a year ago, I published my first book. Since then, thanks to you, readers, and all of your feedback and continued support, I have grown and my life has taken turns that I never thought possible. 

With over 50 books to my name, I have decided to take a break on publishing new content and that it is time to revisit the books I have published and improve them- from the cover image to the last word you'll see on your eReading device. 

Some of the books will be getting new titles and new cover images, some will be getting new, added content- all of the specifics of what was changed will be in the book description.. 

Now, onto the good stuff. Can you guess which book is getting this new cover and title? 

If you guessed: 

You would be correct! 

Riding Kyle was my very first published book, and being such, has so much more potential than I gave it. Aside from a very thorough editing, this lovely new cover and title, Riding Kyle will be re-released with additional, scorching-hot content as well! 

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Additionally, with the success of My Best Friend's Daddy as an audiobook, another series is in the works...

 Daddy's Best Friend is now live, and of course, I will update when the other two (Daddy's Little Slut and Daddy's Anal Slut) are as well! 

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