Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Billionaires! Auctions! Coupons!

I am pleased to announce that I've finally finished the first installment of "The Virginity Auction", my new series about an innocent young virgin who decides to sell herself online and is bought by an underground billionaire. It was a lot of fun to write, because I am not an innocent young woman (innocent, anyways) and so getting in the mindset of someone who is essentially my opposite was quite an exercise!

And for all of my lovely readers, here is an exclusive excerpt and a Smashwords coupon for 50% off!

My heart felt like it was going to beat itself right out of my chest and my brain flew a mile a minute as I tried to concentrate on copying the movements he was making. His big arms wrapped around my back and pressed me closer. At first I was frigid to the intimacy, but slowly his passionate kiss melted me. I cupped his face with both hands as our kiss deepened and became wild.
I felt something hard in his pants press against my swelling mound. It felt good, so I pressed against it more, wanting to throw my legs over him, but I refrained.
Our kiss lightened, though I didn’t want it to, until he expertly ended it softly with a simple closed-mouth peck on my sore lips.
“So you haven’t even kissed.”
“Not until just now.” I confessed, feeling more comfortable. His hands moved around to the front of me, slowly sliding up my body along the outside of my shirt. They stopped at the top button and he undid it.
Before I could say anything, not that I wanted to stop him, he brushed my hair off of my shoulder with his other hand and pressed his lips on the sensitive base of my neck. He sucked on my skin and I dug my nails into his arms from the rapture it brought. My chest heaved as he slowly undid more buttons, his lips moving down my chest in sync. He stopped at the last button and planted a single soft kiss on my breast bone.

Use this code: QK68P to get it here for $1.50! Coupon expires on the 25th so hurry!

More things to look forward to! 

If you're enjoying my Daddy's Best Friend series then you'll enjoy this: 

I have the best cover artist in the world! And I'm very much looking forward to writing this, as things are starting to get steamy between Brittany and Rick ;) 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Salacious September!

So I know the month is half over already. In truth I have not been able to sit down and focus, thank you, college.

However! I do have good news!

Is available for FREE on Smashwords and Kobo. It usually takes a while before the price-matching gets to Amazon, but I'll let you know as soon as it goes free there and at PubIt too!

Onwards to things I'm working on this month!

Amber Jones, an innocent young woman of twenty-two who has never so much as thought of sex, finds herself curious enough to sell her virginity online. It starts off as a curious endeavor to see how much someone would really pay for such a thing. But when legendary underground billionaire Mason Black silences the auction immediately with the incredible offer of one billion dollars, Amber finds herself just as curious about him as she is about the act he's bought! Will this turn out to be just a business meeting, or was Amber no random investment? 

And I finally have the cover for my next erotic fairy tale: 

I am growing very attached to this story and I want it to be absolutely perfect when I publish it, so I'm not going to give you all false hope, but it will definitely be out before Christmas!