Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Aggressive April

I have been having the wildest month!

Between getting a dear friend up and into sharing her sexy sci-fi fantasies with the world, moving into a new place with the fiance, hosting fetish parties, school work and doing research for my next book, I'm glad to finally be back at the keyboard! 

Did I say book? I should have said trilogy! Allow me to introduce... 

Meet Eric Jonson: "the Man with a Plan." 

Since high school Eric has fantasized about having a threesome. Two girls, polar opposites in appearance, riding him all night long. He's determined to find them, and once he gives them what they want, they'll gladly return the favor. 

Meet Alice Payne: 

This upstanding ex-high-school cheerleader from a wealthy family wants nothing more than to enjoy her freedom now that she's out from the accusing glares of her extremely religious parents. And after her boyfriend refuses to fuck her like the naughty girl she is and runs off with someone more reserved and virginal, what a better way to cope than to get a man who's not afraid to spank her sexy ass and fuck her harder than she's ever been before?

Eric's found the first girl who will make his fantasy a reality. Now he just needs one more...

Now Available at:
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Meet Veronica: 

The girl-next-door with more secrets than you can fit under a bed. She's got a secret fetish for being out in the open, and another secret interest in Eric...

Now Available!

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