Monday, March 4, 2013

Mesmerizing March

It's time for mid-terms and you know what that means: PROCRASTINATION! Instead of studying for exams, I've been naughty all week writing up this sexy gem:

When Morgan spills a large glass of red wine all over her step dad's white dining room table, she knows there will be hell to pay...Imagine her surprise when daddy bends her over the table and spanks her like a little girl. She can't deny how good it feels, and he can't resist to take things a little further and make her pay for the damage... with her body!

It will be live tomorrow, and as usual, I will update this post when it is! 

More exciting news!! 

"What is that, Naomi?" 
Why, that, my sweet readers, is an audiobook cover
That's right! My 4-book hit series, "My Best Friend's Daddy" is soon available on audiobook! Only the first book is live for now, but the next three are coming soon! 

Get it at Amazon

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