Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Sale!

From Now until November 30th: 

Get your copy of Riding Kyle- my debut novel about two friends who make the decision to confront their long-time chemistry before they take off in different directions for college FOR FREE! (Regular retail price: $2.99)

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A steamy story about a young woman who wants her crush to take her by force. FOR FREE! (Regular retail price: $2.99)

With Code: NA28Q

Sandra has wanted Chad for as long as she was old enough to understand lust. But Chad happens to be her dad's best friend! Is he going to take her seriously? She hopes so. The driven woman sets up the perfect trap: house to herself, sexy clothes, and even gives the surprised Chad some well-placed seemingly accidental views! 
And Chad's brought his own present for Sandra as well. He picked up her blunt hints easily enough and has every intention to deliver.

FOR ONLY .99! (Regular retail price: $2.99)

With Code: HQ34X

On her way to confront Rick about checking her out, Brittany has in mind a one-night hook up. But what happens when her best friend's dad hints at possibly something more than just today's steamy hookup?

FOR ONLY .99! (Regular retail price: $2.99)
With Code: GU89W

It's called the Insatiable Curse. A condition that envelops the mind and body to want only one thing: immense amounts of pleasure. 
When it becomes inflicted upon spoiled princess Briar, a promiscuous woman who spends her days fornicating with all of the servants availale to her, she is infuriated that the king and queen demand her to find the one man meant to be her antidote. 
The taint coursing through her veins makes princess Briar seek the company of a group of knights sworn to protect her, the very evil fairy who cursed her, and one lucky servant, who seems to be more interested in Briar herself than the symptoms of her curse... 

FOR ONLY $1.99 (Regular retail price: $3.99)
With Code: BQ46K

Erin is desperate to find a job when chance lands her an interview with the manager of a shady coffee shop. This isn't your average interview, as Erin quickly finds out, oncer her future manager insists on her proving how badly she needs the job, and how hard she is willing to work to get it.

GET IT FOR FREE! (Regular retail price: $2.99) 
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Girl Night for Katie and Elaine usually consists of munching, watching sappy movies and gossiping about their boyfriends. But tonight, Katie has a curiosity that she longs to explore, and who else to experiment with than her best friend? Will Elaine be up for the adventure?

FOR ONLY .99! (Regular retail price: $2.99)
With Code: NP67T

Amber Jones, an innocent young woman of twenty-two who has never so much as thought of sex, finds herself curious enough to sell her virginity online. It starts off a cruious endeavor to see how much someone would really pay for such a thing. But when legendary underground billionaire Mason Black silences the auction immediately with the incredible offer of one billion dollars, Amber finds herself just as curious about him as she is about the act he's bought! Will this turn out to be just a business meeting, or was Amber no random investment?

FOR ONLY .99! (Regular retail price: $2.99)

With Code:  TU79W

Veronica is ready to be her own person and live the life she wants to. While driving to university, something tragic happens: she gets hit by the truck behind her. 
But disaster simmers down after she gets a look at the man who was driving. He doesn't want the cops involved, and is willing to do whatever it takes to convince her to leave this accident between just the two of them. Even if it means giving her all of the pleasure she's never felt before!
 FOR ONLY .99! (Regular retail price: $2.99)

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