Thursday, November 1, 2012

Naughty November

Before I begin this post I'd like to give my apologies for my lack of smut output last month. It was mid-term season and profs. were crazy, as usual.

But now, onward with the sexy times, and this month is: Naughty November! So here is a lovely taste of what you have to look forward to this month, you dirty little readers of mine!

I know what you're thinking: finally! This delicious tale is turning into an erom, so after I finish all 3 parts of it I will be releasing it as a full novel, and the parts will disappear. I'm still releasing the parts for those of you who can't take your delicious paws off this mysterious Mason Black and innocent Amber Jones.

Here is an exclusive excerpt just for you:

The drive was painfully long; it felt as though we hit every red light, like fate itself was drawing out my anticipation for its own amusement. I spied loving couples with clasped hands as they walked down the streets window shopping. I spotted another couple in a romantic embrace hidden away in the shadow of an alley between two large buildings. The man had the woman pressed against the aged brick wall and her hands were tangled lovingly in his brown locks.
My mind replaced the lovers with an image of Mason Black holding me in such a way. I could feel the contours of his firm body as it fit perfectly to mine; his hard chest against my breasts, crushing my supple body against his firm chest.
The image dragged me back into my own erotic slumber. Buildings flew by in a blur; I stretched my legs out in the lonely space of the limousine. A turn of my hips in the right direction made me shiver as a small shot of hormones dispersed and quickly faded.
I stole a glance at the black window separating me and Watson. My clit, hidden away in my panties, was sensitive and sopping, so wet I could feel the cloth glide against me with every small movement, from bumps in the road to my shifting position. I caught myself biting my lip, and my hands diving between my thighs to put pressure, any kind of pressure, against the aching bud. After a few times I felt no shame and didn’t care enough to stop.
We came to a stop and Watson killed the engine. Hastily I yanked my skirt back down. The clear substance on my fingers made me nervous; I didn’t know what Black would do if he caught me red-handed playing with myself. Since he bought my virginity, I wondered if it would be a breach of contract.
A unique scent, a clean musk saturated with my feminine pheromones. I brought my fingers to my lips and rubbed them as though I was applying lipstick. Then, I wasn’t sure why, my tongue darted out to lick it up. It tasted every bit as good as it smelled. My face became hot as I stared at my wet fingers and considered licking them clean.
The door opened next to me. I panicked and wiped my hands on my skirt, like a criminal frantically tossing evidence as far from him as possible. Watson held a helping hand out for me and I took it with my un-soiled hand.
My heart fluttered as Mason Black met my gaze. I had to forcefully remind myself that he was interested in my body, not me. He bought my virginity, not my personality. I had to keep myself as professional as possible. 

I hope to wrap this up this project before the end of the month!

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