Friday, May 18, 2012

Fairy Tales..

The Insatiable Curse

 Princess Briar spends her free time screwing servants in her father's kingdom. She can't ever seem to experience that paralyzing bliss that everyone else does, but it's still fun, right?
Until her parents inform her that she was cursed by an evil fairy a long time ago. It's called the Insatiable Curse- a condition of blinding lust that drives women and men to madness with the urge, the need, to orgasm. But the Curse does not let it happen. Not unless you find the one person meant to break it.

The man meant to break her curse has been found, but can the bratty Princess Briar get to him before it's too late?! Join her while she casually meets up with servants, gets confronted by a group of knights, faces the evil fairy who cursed her and meets not only the man who will put a stop to her unfortunate curse, but also the man of her dreams! 


On top of this, I have a few more sexy surprises lined up for you guys! But I don't want to spoil the surprise *quite* yet...

Brittany's always had a thing for Ally's dad. After going through most of her days with certainty that he had little interest in her, besides the friendship she shared with Ally, imagine her surprise when the hunk of her life shows up one day at cheer practice! And Rick's not shy about checking Brittany out, either

On her way to see him, Brittany's only got in mind a one time naughty hookup.

But what happens when her best friend's dad hints at possibly something more than just today's steamy romp?

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