Sunday, August 5, 2012

Coming Soon!

I've been a tad busy lately, so I thought I would give all of you a little taste of what's coming soon from your favorite student-smut writer:

Hmmm, I wonder what Lord Caldwell has in store for this beauty? Here's an exclusive excerpt just for you:
“Certainly.” That dismissive tone again. “You want to bear my child, and I want my company to be the most ‘green’ one in existence.”
Saying it so bluntly was disarming. But I tried to pick up the shattered bits of my professionalism. “What exactly are you proposing, sir?”
“I give you what you want, and in return you give me what I want.”
“How am I supposed to-”
“You’ll get my permission to do anything necessary that will cut costs and contribute to renewable energy. My unlimited permission.”
I twirled the wine glass in my fingers and watched the liquid quiver, mimicking how my insides felt.
“What about maternal leave?” I had to cover all of my bases, after all. I did want a baby, and his was ideal. But not if it cost me my job.
“Your job will be secure, all medical bills and such paid for. After the baby is born, you’ll return to work for me.”
I stared at him and he stared back. From what I was understanding, I was the only one gaining anything here. I got him in bed, a guaranteed job and his approval on any corporate-wide change I chose to implement.
“What are you going to get out of this?” My eyes narrowed and the words escaped my lips carefully.
A twitch of a grin crossed over his lips as he leaned in. The heat of his breath warmed my neck and cheek as he whispered, “Feeling you writhe in pleasure beneath my body.”
My skin curled up in gooseflesh as the words slithered down the back of my neck. As Caldwell moved away from me, he rose to his feet and offered me a hand.
      I reached out and shakily took it.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 You want more of it, so I'm going to give it to you! More stories of hot young women going after sexy sugar daddies!
     Now that she's out of her house and ready to start her own life, Lisa's getting ready to cross the first thing off of her to-do list: Seducing her dad's buddy, Russell. Will he succumb to her temptations, or leave her hanging?

 Want to know what I'm going to write to accompany this lovely lady? I'll give you a hint: It has to do with fairy tales!
     What happens to a king who becomes so power hungry, he wants to keep a curse that was intended to stop him? 
     What happens when a group of peasants appeal to the most powerful dominatrix in the entire continent to break the curse, and end his tyranny?
     What happens when breaking the curse involves much more than surrendering his body and mind?
     What happens when you break the beast?

  Another erotic fairy tale to accompany The Insatiable Curse. Coming Soon.

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