Friday, April 20, 2012

Who Am I?

Good morning/ afternoon/ evening, reader of smut. My name is Naomi, it's a joy to finally meet you. 

I'm a scorpio (my birthday is Halloween, how awesome is that?) and a junior in college. I enjoy partying- from typical college frat parties to fetish parties, hanging out with my friends and, most of all, smut-slingin'. My favorite color is purple, my favorite band is She Wants Revenge and my favorite beverage is coffee. 

Writing out my sexual fantasies (and realities... but shh, that's a secret) has been something of a personal art form for me since... before I should probably tell you. It was only recently that I decided to let out my ultimate inner exhibitionist and share my dirty mind with the world, in the form of erotic short stories. 

Armed with my own salacious thoughts and a supportive group of near-and-dear friends, I dove head-first into the wonderful world of self-publishing. 

And here I am: Naomi Lauder. Enjoy your one-handed reading.

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